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The UNCOMMON woman..

There is a woman I know..
The type of beauty she exhumes is from her heart. It isn’t faked or formed..
she solely depends on God and His word.
In times of problems, she is calm..
In times of confusion and tests, she goes back to Gods word..
In times of fear, she trusts the Lord..
She is a problem solver, she is a conflict resolver. Her aim is peace..
In times of pain, her heart breaks, but in due time, she receives strength in Him who holds her tomorrow..
She  forgives and loves back easily, not because this is easy, but because her Lord, says so..
She  listens, before speaking. Thinks before replying. She chooses her words wisely, because she knows, that words are seeds..
In time of bad circumstances, by faith, she laughs.
She sincerely loves those that have done her evil. Because she understands the imperfect nature of man..
She sincerely cares, and wants to know the welfare of others, not to gossip, but to exhort, encourage and to  bless..
She seeks the advancement of everyone. He…