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Tatu (My own side of the movie)

We don come back again oh!!! ***Drum roll****

I really was expectant to see this movie.. the trailer thrilled me. I just knew somewhere in my heart that it would be different. Tatu merged a little of city life and loads of village life. Tatu was a young girl that had a very deep tattoo on her chest (I honestly didn’t see the connection between Tatu and tattoo until my friend guessed that the typical Nigerian movie may revolve around the tattoo that she had. I corrected him that the spelling wasn’t the same. Last, last, she had a tattoo lol.. Nollywood no dey fall hand.. hehehe).
Main koko of the movie:
Ehm.. where do I even start from sef? Yes the movie was sweet like that.. lol.

So there is this girl named Tatu that grew up in convent (or something like that). She was a nun in training, but to be a nun no dey her blood at all. She used to sneak out in the night to go to clubs just to chill and relax. She was the strong, independent type who wasn’t scared of anyone. Then there was this guy…

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