Tatu (My own side of the movie)

We don come back again oh!!! ***Drum roll****

I really was expectant to see this movie.. the trailer thrilled me. I just knew somewhere in my heart that it would be different. Tatu merged a little of city life and loads of village life. Tatu was a young girl that had a very deep tattoo on her chest (I honestly didn’t see the connection between Tatu and tattoo until my friend guessed that the typical Nigerian movie may revolve around the tattoo that she had. I corrected him that the spelling wasn’t the same. Last, last, she had a tattoo lol.. Nollywood no dey fall hand.. hehehe).
Main koko of the movie:
Ehm.. where do I even start from sef? Yes the movie was sweet like that.. lol.

So there is this girl named Tatu that grew up in convent (or something like that). She was a nun in training, but to be a nun no dey her blood at all. She used to sneak out in the night to go to clubs just to chill and relax. She was the strong, independent type who wasn’t scared of anyone. Then there was this guy…

My Wife and I (My own side of the movie) -- Review

This movie, is one I like so much, because the producer, scriptwriter and actors tried. Maybe not  really oyinbo standard, but the story is different and I love the fact that Omoni thought outside the box. I also loved the exchange of roles, which they did perfectly well, at a point I didn’t understand sha.. I was trying to separate their lives and understand that they had exchanged souls and all lol. Enough (and maybe too much) scenes.. All the main people in the film were fine oh lol. And yes, so many many deep lessons to learn.
Main koko of the story...
I have forgotten their names in the feem oh. But must importantly, na Ramsey Noah and Omoni Oboli act am. (So for this review, Ramsey shall be called Tokunboh aka Toks, and Omoni shall be called Ebere!!) They had twin teenage children, a boy and a girl who were in the Senior Secondary school. Fine cute children. Ebere was a very harsh and hot headed wife, who was obviously tired and disinterested in the marriage and she was at the bri…

The Tribunal: My Own Side of The Movie (Review)

This movie is all about law and the employment rights of the ‘albino’ guy. A tribunal is a semi court of law, that handles special cases that is unique to a particular sector. The lawyers (counsels) are not robed (they do not wear their wigs and gowns). It is more relaxing as the regular proceedings of court are not strictly followed (e g. You won’t hear anything like “court!!” or “order!!” or all those standing and sitting stuff).
Biko, permit me, I have forgotten their names in the movie. Haha!!

Main gist/koko of the story—
Major scenes, 80 percent, were centred around the tribunal/court room.
Albino guy claims that regional manager Mrs. Abebe (Omotola Ekeinde) has a hatred for him because he is an albino and she made sure he got sacked. His claims are very difficult to prove of course. He is praying the court that he be reinstituted as an employee. Mrs Abebe is saying that albino was sacked because he couldn’t perform his tasks well. The movie focused more on the life of Jimi Disu t…

Beauty Product Review : Hairffiliation

Sometime in December last year, I took advantage of the price slash on Hairfiliation Instagram page. I bought their
1. Glow Ori CoCo whipped Body butter
2. Black soap body wash
3. Body scrub.
Only the last product is still in use as the rest are finished. Using the three together will give you the popping glowy look 🌻🌠🌟✨My experience.Firstly, I loved the fact that their products are VERYAFFORDABLE. Like I can have a good skin without breaking the bank as a student that I am. Also the products are well sized, can last you for over 2 months.
I'll love to note, that bodies are different. At that point, I wanted to get my color back! I have been too black lately, which I know is not my skin color. I have a very sensitive skin but products rarely work for me ie. Hard skin. Trust me I find it confusing too. A product can give me huge break outs & finding another product to help is almost impossible. Whether its for pimples, or glowing, I barely see results. So the cream was sup…

Tweets by @PrincessPako: What really happened in Chibok?

1. I think it’s time to share what I learnt in 2015 when I went to Chibok to interview the families of those girls.2. All our biggest fears were proven to be true when I got there. The locals feel the truth. “Political boko haram” is very real3. These people lived with those that started the religious boko haram. So they knew when it got out of hand4. The parents told us stories about how they were one of the few Christian LGs in Borno and have always been punished for it.5. The day these girls were kidnapped the VP adviced girls from his village not to go to school. So only 2 girls from Likama ward were taken.6. They burnt down his house, because they wanted answers, but somehow he found protection. They burnt down the LGC house too.7. When we arrived Chibok, they gave us the run around. A military gate was planted in front of Chibok and the residents need exeats to leave!8. As curious journalists na, we found away to conduct or interviews around the area. But the army was pissed off…

Mercy Aigbe - The fakeness of Social media

When I saw the pictures of Mercy Aigbe & it showing that she had been a victim of domestic violence, I sincerely didn't believe. There were two pictures i think. The extent of the injuries made me just believe it was not true. Like blood from her nose and her eyes. I remember commenting on so many posts on Instagram (and even her own post), that 'it was a movie & people should stop over reacting'. I'm just here laughing at myself because I commented like I lived in her home or we were deeply related or something.
She looked perfect. My love for fashion makes me admire her a lot. Her fashion sense is out of this world. I don't follow her on Instagram (but I check her page once in a while, or I see her pictures from fashion pages I follow). She looked happy.
Then there's her daughter. I had my inhibitions on her daughter's social media life, yes I'm still of the belief that a child should be of a certain age before they can display themselves on s…

Confession for the UNCOMMON woman.

This is a spiritual exercise. For men who will love to make the confession for their wives, wives to be or for their daughters, please replace the pronoun ' I ' or 'My' with  'My Wife' or 'My Daughter '.
This will normally take about five minutes, but may extend as you enter the prophetic. It's important that you say it boldly, in faith, and that you hear, understand and believe your own words. Above all, the most important thing is consistency. You can print, or screen shot the confessions for easy accessibility.Remember that James 1:25 (MSG) says.. But whoever catches a glimpse of the revealed counsel of God - the free life - even out of the corner of his eye and STICKS WITH IT, is no distracted scatterbrain but a man or woman of action. That person will FIND DELIGHT AND AFFIRMATION IN THE ACTION! ----------------- CONFESSION BEGINS HERE ----------------------My beauty exhumes from my heart, it isn't faked, formed, pretentious or based on the…