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Interdependence: God's original plan. part 1

In the present world and dispensation  in which we live, total dependence on one's self, abilities, strengths is being emphasized especially with the emancipation of strict feminism, self-motivation,and continual creation of human rights. These mediums are essential for every developing country, but will create more harm than good if not thought about before implementation, especially its excesses. Our society is growing into a type where people do not see the need of having other people in their lives. We believe that we can make it to any height , Alone. Those who have tried this absurd principle (even me) have learnt the hard way, that trying to do all alone tires us easily.  You fail, then you blame someone else.
One who has a dream or vision given by God understands that it is impossible for him to fulfill it alone, as God isn't a little God and so does not give mediocre visions to His children. It will be so impossible to accomplish God's vision for your life alone. …