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No Excuses: start now!

I have discovered that when it comes to having dreams or even starting something important, be it a business, writing a book or starting anything very dear to our hearts, everyone can want to, but not everyone really does or accomplishes that important dream or task. It is a known proverb, saying, or whatever that the mortuary is the richest place because in those graves are great people who died with great dreams and ideas that could change the world and that were never accomplished or was procrastinated to the nearest future. Whenever i hear such things, it immediately breaks my heart, and i have made up my mind not to fall in that category. The issue isn't that people die prematurely, but that they die having dreams but having no strategic plans to accomplish those dreams. They believed in their imagination that they will come to pass somehow, anyhow. Some others wasted their time doing things that they really are not passionate about, thereby spending their time on things tha…