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50 most probable questions you will be asked in your next interview (world standard)

Most people's (especially fresh graduates) biggest job-hunting fear is being put on the spot by oddball interview questions such as these (which are real): "Describe the color yellow to someone who's blind." (like seriously? been trying to answer this all night long and i still have not gotten a good answer)- Spirit Airlines "Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?" - Stanford University Offbeat questions are nearly impossible to prepare for, and they don't achieve the interviewer's objective--to test out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to perform under pressure. That's the bad news, interviewers in the past used these sort of questions to make job hunters uncomfortable or feel incapable.  The good news is that companies are moving away from them. Recent research shows these questions do little more than boost the interviewer's confidence. Even companies famous for oddball questions are abandoning them. In the words of Laszlo …

The Power of Strong Positive Bonds. Part one.

At one time in our lives, we have heard a particular verse of the Bible in Amos 3:3, "that two cannot work together except they agree". These people can be working for something negative or positive, our emphasis is on the positive. Every time I read or remember the relationship between David and Jonathan, I learn. I learn that for people to step into another level of their lives, they need the right people around them. In life, there are different types of people, with different personalities, different experiences, different backgrounds, and these circumstances whether negative or positive that form the person or adults that we eventually become. Every person has passed through situations, but the way we handle it will tell how we will eventually be. So in life, we need to work with people who are not perfect, but who have the strength and capacity to bring something to pass, who think like we do, are passionate about something like we are. Allies and relationships are ver…

No Excuses: start now!

I have discovered that when it comes to having dreams or even starting something important, be it a business, writing a book or starting anything very dear to our hearts, everyone can want to, but not everyone really does or accomplishes that important dream or task. It is a known proverb, saying, or whatever that the mortuary is the richest place because in those graves are great people who died with great dreams and ideas that could change the world and that were never accomplished or was procrastinated to the nearest future. Whenever i hear such things, it immediately breaks my heart, and i have made up my mind not to fall in that category. The issue isn't that people die prematurely, but that they die having dreams but having no strategic plans to accomplish those dreams. They believed in their imagination that they will come to pass somehow, anyhow. Some others wasted their time doing things that they really are not passionate about, thereby spending their time on things tha…

Interdependence: God's original plan. part 1

In the present world and dispensation  in which we live, total dependence on one's self, abilities, strengths is being emphasized especially with the emancipation of strict feminism, self-motivation,and continual creation of human rights. These mediums are essential for every developing country, but will create more harm than good if not thought about before implementation, especially its excesses. Our society is growing into a type where people do not see the need of having other people in their lives. We believe that we can make it to any height , Alone. Those who have tried this absurd principle (even me) have learnt the hard way, that trying to do all alone tires us easily.  You fail, then you blame someone else.
One who has a dream or vision given by God understands that it is impossible for him to fulfill it alone, as God isn't a little God and so does not give mediocre visions to His children. It will be so impossible to accomplish God's vision for your life alone. …


Not only are you God's greatest investment, You are  also your greatest investment. How do you mean?, you may ask. The holy spirit helps us achieve far more than we could ever do on our own, but if we aren't ready or willing in our hearts, God's will will be so so impossible to achieve. So, you listening to God's spirit as He speaks in your heart can achieve any feat you wish to. ANY, and I mean it. But even God cannot move through us if we don't have sufficient knowledge or lack hunger to know more.
Most people think that their wealth, children or a rich spouse are their greatest investments and they will 'help' them. As we all know, God  is in the habit of pulling down idols. What happens when you get duped or invest in the wrong market or that child or spouse dies or that rich fiancee walks away ? This isn't to scare you, but I say this as a wake up call for you (me included) on the importance of self development.
Luke 12:15 explains that what a man …
Be slow to speak.
But be eager to hear.
Be patient.
Be more understanding.
Make excuses for people's mistakes.
Give everyone a second chance. A hundredth chance. You never can tell when they may get it right.
Be open to learn. Be teachable.
Don't take offense. No matter how hard you are pushed.
Don't complain. You may miss the blessings.
The bigger the problem, the bigger your capacity! You are growing!
Love! Love! Love!

Lessons I have learnt in the last year. I hope they make some meaning to you. Kiss kiss
The greatest problem I have realized of the youths of my generation is that they leave almost everything to chance. And this can be contained in a song I find very silly;) .."Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be". This is not often so! The future belongs to those who are certain about what they want. It is what you want to be, that will be. Have and take strategic plans for your academics, business, marriage and all other things that matter to you. And when the opportunity comes, go for it! Even God blesses those who are ready for the opportunity. They have the capacity to handle the struggles and success.
Turn that song to a positive one by meaning that you shouldn't be scared of the future. For if you take your future by working hard, and bearing the burden that a youth should bear, you can rest in the fact that you've done your part, then depending on God to do His. And He will. Trust me He will. But the onus is on us to make effective use, and even doubling t…
Each man or woman must locate his or her Destiny partners. He or she may not be able to reach his maximum potential or make much increase if he doesn't locate them. I don't mean normal people. I mean friends, who are into you through thick and thin. Who empower and inspire you. Who are ready to work when you bring an idea. They will push it like their lives depends on it.

Normally, God will lead you into marriage with someone who has these distinct qualities.

You need God's help to locate your destiny helpers. And His patience to stay through thick and thin even when they don't leave up to standard. If you give up rather too soon, you may loose them. But if you inspire and believe in them, because you are their leader, and they are helping you, with time the fruits that come out of them will surprise you.
Because of request by some friends, am sending this today ({})
I remember one of my young friend who's married. She used to get into petty arguments with her young husband that all of a sudden, she viewed him to be irritating and 'dull'. As she communed with God, she realized she was giving the devil a foothold that will soon turn to a stronghold. So she looked into her husband 's eyes holding his hands, saying in tears "Jesse, what we have must work. I don't care what happens but it must work."
From that day she knew her faults. She concentrated too much on his bad sides instead if appreciating his good sides. All of a sudden, she had allowed  pride come in  just because she had her PHD in law and he was only a graduate of chemistry education. She had forgotten that it was he who stood beside her and encouraging her all those years they courted, believing in her. She felt her husband had to 'attain ' some standards before he could be submitted to…