No Excuses: start now!


I have discovered that when it comes to having dreams or even starting something important, be it a business, writing a book or starting anything very dear to our hearts, everyone can want to, but not everyone really does or accomplishes that important dream or task. It is a known proverb, saying, or whatever that the mortuary is the richest place because in those graves are great people who died with great dreams and ideas that could change the world and that were never accomplished or was procrastinated to the nearest future. Whenever i hear such things, it immediately breaks my heart, and i have made up my mind not to fall in that category. The issue isn't that people die prematurely, but that they die having dreams but having no strategic plans to accomplish those dreams. They believed in their imagination that they will come to pass somehow, anyhow. Some others wasted their time doing things that they really are not passionate about, thereby spending their time on things that mean nothing or better still doing things that can bring money NOW instead of believing in that dream that nobody knows about, because something new will require stress and risks and they decide to settle for less, forgetting that new challenges make you better and more mature person increasing your inner strength and character, forming you into a better person.
Settling for less will never give you happiness and joy. Once you have decided to follow something passionate to you, its important that you cast off the thoughts that someone or a force from God knows where will help you bring that dream to reality. There is the place of hard work, inner strength, persistence, consistency, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, being open to ideas and so much more. In fact its going to be a learning process all the way. You will get hit by people, critics, circumstances, pressure to meet up with deadlines, business pressure, family sacrifices, etc. But it remains your decision to keep that dream alive, keeping your eyes on the end and not the present. Faith in what you do, and the excellence of what you can deliver, believing that you are the best in your field will keep you going and keep you positive, because if you don't believe in yourself, nobody will believe in what you have or what you want to offer.
It may seem hard now but with time it will get easier. Starting and failing is better than not starting at all. Its a different thing not starting now because of an important reason. But don't turn that reason to an excuse.
Its your choice to put your footprints in the sand of time.
Every successful femal entrepreneur had all the problems you have now and will have. Yet they never gave up. They held on to their dreams, you should too.
Leave your comfort zone. It may be hard. But a woman gotta do, what’s she gotta do.
Start. Start now. You will amazed at how many people’s lives will be attached to yours. You will be amazed by how many lives you will inspire by just taking that bold step, that leap.

Your suggestions, comments, criticisms and encouragement is needed! Thanks for the time!


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  2. Great and inspiring Nneka. Keep it up gurl. It's quite commendable!

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