Because of request by some friends, am sending this today ({})
I remember one of my young friend who's married. She used to get into petty arguments with her young husband that all of a sudden, she viewed him to be irritating and 'dull'. As she communed with God, she realized she was giving the devil a foothold that will soon turn to a stronghold. So she looked into her husband 's eyes holding his hands, saying in tears "Jesse, what we have must work. I don't care what happens but it must work."
From that day she knew her faults. She concentrated too much on his bad sides instead if appreciating his good sides. All of a sudden, she had allowed  pride come in  just because she had her PHD in law and he was only a graduate of chemistry education. She had forgotten that it was he who stood beside her and encouraging her all those years they courted, believing in her. She felt her husband had to 'attain ' some standards before he could be submitted to.( She had even started suggesting he took his masters and even nagged about it. He said he wanted to be a business man!)She forgot the hugs he gave her, the kisses, the encouragement, accepting her the way she was and used intellectual strength as the new basis of judgement. 'what came over me?!' she exclaimed! 'This is a man, who has given me pragmatic wisdom from God to deal with issues. He's a business man, and a growing one at that! ' she sololiquised in tears as her husband gave her a big hug.

The devil wants to get in that marriage, friendship or vision because of petty setbacks. Don't give him a foothold, very soon it will be a stronghold and you will loose everything. Having peace is possible, just be content and show God's love.
Concentrate on people's good sides, and you will bring out the best in them.

(this does not include people in physical and emotional abused relationships. Get help!)


  1. Nice write up. Honestly speaking this is inspiring. May God through the Holy Spirit continue to give you grace to write more than this. It is well with you Nneka.

  2. Thank God she realised in time before the foothold becomes stronghold. A lesson for all of us.

  3. Really luv dis.....I learn just from reading this. May God giv u d grace to continue dis. God Bless

    1. Amen dear. I do this coz of you. Blessed that your blessed. Keep searching! God bless

    2. Amen dear. I do this coz of you. Blessed that your blessed. Keep searching! God bless

  4. Good one Nneka i'm inspired. More grace


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