Not only are you God's greatest investment, You are  also your greatest investment. How do you mean?, you may ask. The holy spirit helps us achieve far more than we could ever do on our own, but if we aren't ready or willing in our hearts, God's will will be so so impossible to achieve. So, you listening to God's spirit as He speaks in your heart can achieve any feat you wish to. ANY, and I mean it. But even God cannot move through us if we don't have sufficient knowledge or lack hunger to know more.
Most people think that their wealth, children or a rich spouse are their greatest investments and they will 'help' them. As we all know, God  is in the habit of pulling down idols. What happens when you get duped or invest in the wrong market or that child or spouse dies or that rich fiancee walks away ? This isn't to scare you, but I say this as a wake up call for you (me included) on the importance of self development.
Luke 12:15 explains that what a man has isn't consistent on what he owns . Even before then Jesus warns that we beware of covetousness. Amassing more and more wealth, especially if done for the wrong purposes doesn't mean you have the greatest investment. You will probably end like the rich fool. A person who has so much wealth today, with no knowledge of the current laws of money will loose his wealth to one who has current  knowledge of the laws of money . Even if a man has been duped of all his money with the right knowledge he can get all his money back even in multiplication. Also no man (even women) wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman who only paints her face and parties. A woman who has no knowledge, or advice that can help him when he encounters a dilemma. Even the Bible says that knowledge keeps marriage. (Prov 24:3-4).
Knowledge is what distincts you from the crowd. It gives your knowing an 'edge' over others. In my profession we are taught to know a bit of everything. Know! Know more! Read! Invest in yourself! Be hungry! Invest in the right and helpful resources. Most times, you may not need that information now, but you may need it later in life. And that simple information, which was knowledge, becomes wisdom when applied into that situation  and you experience peace and ease. Imagine you never knew!
Also knowledge includes listening. This I do a lot. Instead of thinking I know, I just listen. Also knowledge in the area of taking ample time to know people will help you in your relationships. And you only get that by listening to them, not to reply, but to understand them and why they act the way they do.
Read more! Listen more! Hunger! The acquiring of knowledge never ends. Ask yourself today, 'does what I know fit the promises of God over my life?' Only you can answer that question. And you know what to do.
Keep investing in yourself. Keep reading. Have mentors and listen to them. I have learnt a lot from mine.
The earth awaits your manifestation.
God bless you.


  1. Nice one dear. That's the greatest truth of life and winning. Even our salvation becomes real when WE believe.

  2. Nice one dear. That's the greatest truth of life and winning. Even our salvation becomes real when WE believe.


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