The Power of Strong Positive Bonds. Part one.

At one time in our lives, we have heard a particular verse of the Bible in Amos 3:3, "that two cannot work together except they agree". These people can be working for something negative or positive, our emphasis is on the positive. Every time I read or remember the relationship between David and Jonathan, I learn. I learn that for people to step into another level of their lives, they need the right people around them. In life, there are different types of people, with different personalities, different experiences, different backgrounds, and these circumstances whether negative or positive that form the person or adults that we eventually become. Every person has passed through situations, but the way we handle it will tell how we will eventually be. So in life, we need to work with people who are not perfect, but who have the strength and capacity to bring something to pass, who think like we do, are passionate about something like we are. Allies and relationships are very essential in our walk into greatness.
Starting a business can be quite scary, full of its own risks. Everything in life started fresh is scary--that is why it is called RISK TAKING. The thought of employing the wrong persons is even worse. So is the thought of entering into a partnership in business, taking a new job with new people, or entering into a new relationship after numerous or even one emotional breakup, or even making a choice as regards marriage. If entered into with the right people,(it maybe scary at first) but worth it in the end. In all the examples above, there is an involvement of people putting their strength and capital (which is not necessarily finances), for its fulfillment. It is important that we go with the right people. Commitment, character, and passion being the most important qualities, these are more important than charisma. The value and content of people can be tested to know what they are made of. Test the quality of people with time. 


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