Confession for the UNCOMMON woman.

This is a spiritual exercise. 

For men who will love to make the confession for their wives, wives to be or for their daughters, please replace the pronoun ' I ' or 'My' with  'My Wife' or 'My Daughter '.
This will normally take about five minutes, but may extend as you enter the prophetic. It's important that you say it boldly, in faith, and that you hear, understand and believe your own words. Above all, the most important thing is consistency. You can print, or screen shot the confessions for easy accessibility.

Remember that James 1:25 (MSG) says.. But whoever catches a glimpse of the revealed counsel of God - the free life - even out of the corner of his eye and STICKS WITH IT, is no distracted scatterbrain but a man or woman of action. That person will FIND DELIGHT AND AFFIRMATION IN THE ACTION! 

----------------- CONFESSION BEGINS HERE ----------------------

My beauty exhumes from my heart, it isn't faked, formed, pretentious or based on the external. The glory of God is my beauty. And I transfer it to everyone I meet.

I solely depend upon God and on His word.

In times of problems, confusion and tests, I remain in a state of calmness, rest and peace.

In times of fear, I trust wholly and fully in the Lord.

I am a problem solver, I resolve conflicts. My aim is to make peace. I do everything within my power to make and be at peace.

In times of pain, by faith, I count it all joy and I laugh because God is preparing an increase, for after a test comes a promotion. I don't complain, instead I make the inner character adjustments that I should make and I prepare myself for the promotion that this light affliction will bring. I receive God's strength through out this process and season.

I forgive and I love back easily. I sincerely love those that have done me evil, because I have experienced and I have the God type of love.

I listen before speaking. I think before replying. I am slow to speak. I choose my words wisely, because I know that words are seeds and I plant them consciously into the lives of those around me.

I sincerely care and want to know about the welfare of others, not to gossip, but to exhort, encourage and to be a blessing to others. The words from my mouth edify and the bring value to the sons of men. I am a well of God's wisdom and knowledge. 

I do not compete. I am satisfied with who God has made me. I love myself, My body and my giftings. I appreciate everyone's distinctive attributes. I carry them along as i walk into God's purpose for my life.

I love my husband, deeply and passionately. He is the only one for me. I remain attracted to him alone. He is the only man I desire. I am committed to praying for that which God has placed in his hands. I am prepared for him, because I am a compatible, competent and supportive helpmeet, I do him good and not harm all the days of our lives.

I am the best mother. I mentor my children. I raise them in the way of the Lord. I travail in prayer for their well-being, salvation and future in God. (At this point, please make the prayers more tangible, by being more specific about important and even non important areas also entering into the prophetic).

The Lord is the strength of my heart and life. My thoughts are held by the daily motivation of God's word.

I am busy with what the Lord has put in my hands. I spend time on important things that take me to the next level of my life. I am diligent, and I take attention to details. Thank you Lord, for you have opened my eyes to see the available resources for the fulfillment of that dream that you have put in my heart, for all I need is around and within me. (Please take sometime to search for character deficiencies, hindrances, and confess their positive opposite).

I am at peace and at rest, as I watch God bring to pass everything He promised me. With my eyes of faith, I see it already. (Please speak that dream that God gave you in present tense, imagining yourself in that place and state, and worship God exactly like you would if you were there already).

I am attaining perfection, for I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. My aim is to please God, and I am open as He keeps fixing and moulding me for His perfect will. I love my Lord, and I run after Him exhaustingly and passionately and I won't stop till the final day He says to me "welcome home" with a deep comforting hug.

----------------- THE END--------------------


  1. Thank you soo much Nneka!! This is confession that must be repeated everyday.. More grace!

  2. Thanks hunnie for this.You inspire me so much with what you're doing and I am so proud of you. God bless your heart.


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