Beauty Product Review : Hairffiliation

Sometime in December last year, I took advantage of the price slash on Hairfiliation Instagram page. I bought their
1. Glow Ori CoCo whipped Body butter
2. Black soap body wash
3. Body scrub.
Only the last product is still in use as the rest are finished. Using the three together will give you the popping glowy look 🌻🌠🌟✨

My experience.

Firstly, I loved the fact that their products are VERY AFFORDABLE. Like I can have a good skin without breaking the bank as a student that I am. Also the products are well sized, can last you for over 2 months.
I'll love to note, that bodies are different. At that point, I wanted to get my color back! I have been too black lately, which I know is not my skin color. I have a very sensitive skin but products rarely work for me ie. Hard skin. Trust me I find it confusing too. A product can give me huge break outs & finding another product to help is almost impossible. Whether its for pimples, or glowing, I barely see results. So the cream was supposed to glow, but it didn't work, but I understood, because I understand my skin. Or maybe i was not patient enough oh. So it could work for you. My friend loved it by the way. She took it & never returned it back, lol. I'll recommend it for dark girls or light girls who want to glow. But I love the smell & the feel.. So nice. Lol.

I'll love to say the Black Soap is lit. My God. I like the fact that it removed the oils on my face. I'm in the habit of leaving soap for a while on my face before bathing. It controlled the oil on my face. Now for a person that has an extremely oily face, it's a miracle.

The body scrub is beyond amazing. I still use it today. I get a fresh feeling after it's use. I steam my face after applying it. I stopped for a while, but I'm back & the testimony is the same! I use it at least twice a week!
I'm sticking with the body scrub for life. ❤

I also hope to try their natural hair products soon.

One word for their product? I'll say HEALTHY.
Hairfiliation products do to your skin what fruits do to your body. I got more than my money's worth! ❤💜

You can place your orders, reach them or get to know more about them via;
Instagram: @hairffiliation


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