Mercy Aigbe - The fakeness of Social media

When I saw the pictures of Mercy Aigbe & it showing that she had been a victim of domestic violence, I sincerely didn't believe. There were two pictures i think. The extent of the injuries made me just believe it was not true. Like blood from her nose and her eyes. I remember commenting on so many posts on Instagram (and even her own post), that 'it was a movie & people should stop over reacting'. I'm just here laughing at myself because I commented like I lived in her home or we were deeply related or something.
She looked perfect. My love for fashion makes me admire her a lot. Her fashion sense is out of this world. I don't follow her on Instagram (but I check her page once in a while, or I see her pictures from fashion pages I follow). She looked happy.
Then there's her daughter. I had my inhibitions on her daughter's social media life, yes I'm still of the belief that a child should be of a certain age before they can display themselves on social media as models or whatever. Her daughter looks happy too. I read her conversations with her friends, bubbly, excited, too advanced for their ages.. But whadaheck? Times have changed. I can imagine the amount of times that young girl would have cried seeing her step dad beat her mum. Having to appear 'perfect' and keep shut. The conversations she would have had with her mum, that the beatings should be a secret. Chai!
Who would have known or guessed that Mercy had been covering domestic violence under make up for a long time? To know that so many nights she went to bed crying or she was beaten then in three hours had to post a 'slay' picture on instagram. Life oh life. To see the extent of wickedness, her husband made a post on Instagram that his wife was happy & it was a gist. Then there was a court summons on her husband, It began to occur to me that indeed this thing was serious.
You see, social media is deeper than you think. Pictures with the boo, food, clothes, holidays.. People look like they're rich & happy but are dead broke & depressed. Infact, maybe their intention isn't to appear rich & sane. But we the followers read & see wealth, peace, which is the opposite in reality.
Be careful what you feed on. Don't compare your life with someone's social media life. People have issues and no one's life is perfect.


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